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We supply and install all things sod. We remove your old grass, install new top soil and new sod for all residential, commercial and industrial application. If you need a new lawn then contact us today for your free quote.

Sod Installation

Water saving natural grass sod

Save time, money & water with Canada’s first qualified drought-tolerant natural grass sod. Grown using only cultivars that have exceeded the stringent standards for drought tolerance set by the Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance (TWCA),Less Water Sod offers all of the same benefits as Premium Sod, but with a significantly reduced watering requirement.


Help decrease the cost of living while increasing property value, with a drought-tolerant natural grass sod that stays lush and green with as little as half the amount of water required by a conventional natural grass lawn. Under severe drought conditions,Less Water Sod can act as an insurance policy, mitigating the risk and expense of sod replacement, by remaining active as much as a month and a half longer without water than a conventional lawn.


Natural Grass Sod:

Qualified drought tolerant

Reduces typical watering by up to 50%, saving you time and money

Stays green longer and greens up quicker

Dark green in colour with thick blades

Durable and tolerant of high traffic

Flourishes in partial shade to full sun areas

Cold-hardy, ideal for Canadian climates

Protects your investment and increases your home’s curb appeal

Minimizes the environmental impact of your property by conserving water

Sod Permits

City Of Edmonton Landscape Bylaws

Though no permit is required to install your sod, there is a general requirement for landscaping for all properties in any municipal areas. For more information on the City of Edmonton bylaws please visit

Sod Installation

Easy, Quick, Clean

Installation of sod can dramatically improve your property very cost effectively, quickly and have a big lasting effect on the value. Most residential projects take just a day or two to complete and as always we completely clean up before we call it completed.

Sod Warranty

One Year Warranty

Our warranty on all work and materials is at least one full year of complete coverage. We can write specific warranties for your projects as needed, just let us know what you need and we will work it out with you. Our warranty only covers regular usage and does not include expected wear and tear. Most times our warranty calls are solved with a single quick visit. If required we will fix the issue at our own cost.

Booking With Us

Deposits and Payment Types

We accept all major credit cards through our online invoicing system, we also accept all interac transfers, cheques and cash. We ask for the material costs as our deposit as they are purchased and chosen ahead of time and delivered to site on the first day or so.

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