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We love cutting grass and maintaining properties on a weekly, bi-weekly and on a per call basis. Our services include blowing clean and picking up after we are done trimming and cutting. 

Beautiful Green Lawns

Getting the healthiest looking and feeling grass possible is what we do. Cutting your lawn at the right time, correct length are just a few of the factors we take into account when maintaining your property in the Edmonton area. We can take care of your property's keeping and blow off the walkways of clippings and debris giving your property a welcoming and clean look.

We are a registered Alberta Corporation with professional liability insurance and WCB coverage with professional equipment and a great attitude. We take our job seriously and ensure we are not only a pleasure to have around but we do not smoke and pick up any litter we see while working. We love cutting trimming and cleaning up properties big and small. Call, Text or contact us today for a free estimate on your lawn maintenance needs.

Edmonton Lawn

Maintenance Contractor

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