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fence.png builds all kinds of fences for commercial, residential and industrial clients throughout the year. We are a full service company offering Planning, Design, Construction, we even help with permits you may need. We even remove your old fence when it is times for a new one.

Fence Permits

Click to view the City brochure on fences for an easy to understand format of the rules.



MEASUREMENT REGULATIONS The height of a fence, wall, gate or privacy screening (excluding vegetative screening) built on ground level should not exceed: 


• 1.85 m (6.1 ft) in any portion of the rear and/or interior side yard

• 1.2 m (4 ft) in any portion of the front yard and flanking side yard (longer property line adjacent to the roadway)


The height of privacy screening (excluding vegetative screening) built on a platform structure should not exceed: 

• 1.2 m (4 ft) in any portion of the front yard, required side setback or within 2.5m of a rear lot line. 

• 1.85 m (6.1 ft) in all other yards

• 1.5 m (4.9 ft) when built on a rooftop terrace 


The height of a fence, wall or gate is determined using the height of the material being used in construction (not including posts or other supporting anchors). Height of a fence, wall or gate is determined by measuring from the general ground level 0.5 metres back of the property line of the site on which it is to be constructed. Height for privacy screening is determined by measuring from the general ground level 0.5 m back from where the privacy screening will be constructed or from the surface of the platform structure or rooftop terrace it is constructed upon.

Fence Design

We design and build a full range of designs and products including Cedar, Pressure Treated, Vinyl, Chainlink, Prefab fences.

We offer a complete range of standard designs with strength and durability in mind. New fences should be good for 25 years or more if they are installed and built properly. We will ask for you to look at some images online and share the ones you like the most with us, we will adjust the final choice to fit your project and get it scheduled as soon as you would like.

Planning offers complete Fence Design and Planning for you project.


Planning can include adjusting the grading, including the deck, patio and other design elements into the optimal design for your gates and posts for your new fence. The location may change depending on the utility locations for your property.

Utilitity Locating

We Always Call For Utilities

It is free of charge for utility locating when and if required, often times they are marked for us already because of other work or on new construction properties.  We enter the ticket as soon as we have scheduled your project and finalized your details.

Fence Materials

Pressure Treated, Untreated, Cedar, Vinyl, Prefab, Chainlink

We off construction design and installation of all kinds of fencing designs and products. Let us know what you have in mind and we will write you a detailed estimate for your consideration. We can use any supplier you prefer or one of our own favorites.

Booking With US

We accept all major credit cards through our online invoicing system, we also accept all interac transfers, cheques and cash. We ask for the material costs as our deposit as they are purchased and chosen ahead of time and delivered to site on the first day or so.

Fence Style

Standard, Custom, Decorative, Prefab

Choose your favorite or desired style of fence from our gallery or from any local supplier you like, we will get the details and adjust the design to your properties plan.

One Year Warranty

Our warranty on all work and materials is at least one full year of complete coverage. We can write specific warranties for your projects as needed, just let us know what you need and we will work it out with you. Our warranty only covers regular usage and does not include expected wear and tear. Most times our warranty calls are solved with a single quick visit. If required we will fix the issue at our own cost.

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